About Us

Buon Giorno! We invite you to join us on a great culinary journey through the delights of Italian cuisine! 

The Nundini Chef’s Table is Houston’s destination for authentic Italian food and products.  Nestled in an unassuming warehouse in the Heights, the Chef’s Table transports you to the streets of Italy.  Get true Italian food in our full-service restaurant, featuring dishes from many regions in Italy.  Or take a stroll through our shop, and purchase the very products used to make your delicious meal.  

Offering a vast selection of wine from every region in Italy, the choice is yours as to what part of Italy you wish to visit today.  Indulge in the rich flavors of our Homemade Gelato and Sorbetto.  Come to the Chef’s Table, where every day is like a trip to Italy with all your friends and family.

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